Saturday, November 19, 2011

Class Dojo Rewards

Like many of you Class Dojo has worked wonders in my classroom! I enjoy using it and my kid's behavior has definitely improved. They work quietly without me even telling them because they know I could be looking to give points. Their hallway behaved has also completely turned around and we have begun to get compliments. They love to see the +1 pop-up when a point is given. I reward my students for being top earners in a couple of ways:

1. The 2 highest earners at the end of each day get to keep squooshy balls at the desk the entire next day (They feel wierd, kind of like stress balls. I got them from the $1 aisle at Target.)

2. The 5 highest earners at the end of the week get to pick a reward from my dojo reward list (attached below). If you are the 5th highest earner you can pick anything in the 5th category. If you are the 4th highest earner you can pick anything in the 4th or 5th category. If you are the 3rd highest earner, you can pick anything in the 3rd, 4th, or 5th category, etc.

None of my rewards cost money (except for a the spiffy pencil reward) or are edible.
Note: I started all of my girls with the same pink avatar and all of my boys with the same blue avatar so I could make picking you avatar a reward.

At the end of each week I reset points so the kids can start with a clean slate. I kind of fudge points here and there to make sure the same students aren't winning every time and all students feel the goal is attainable.

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If you have any other ideas for rewards or if you use it a different way I would love to hear about it!


Jason Whitaker said...

You have most of the rewards I have using Dojo. I also allow some of the kids to be the one to add or take away points on the smart board. That's huge. But it's more of class manager position than a reward.

Ginger Snaps said...

I love class dojo!! My kids do too!