Saturday, October 8, 2011

Science Notebooking is FUN!

Okay so we are officially done with our first science unit, Simple Machines. I have been kinda lax on posting lately, school has been keeping me super busy, but I really wanted to share how our science notebooks are turning out. The students are really beginning to take ownership of their notebooks and put a ton of effort into it. I hope you enjoy the pics!


Kinderpond said...

I wish that our notebooks looked half this nice :(
Maybe because we use them in an after school program or I have too high of expectations, they are just not looking so nice. :(

Some of course are good, but it is very difficult with different teachers, besides myself.

You have some awesome printables, could you share some of your sites?



Twyla Yeates said...

Your science notebooks look great! I would also be interested in knowing where you got your printables. Thanks for the great inspiration.


Deborah said...

As I looked at your notebooks, I was struck by the combination of pre-made worksheet and the students personal connection to that information. I especially like the pages where you have the simple graphic organizers...What is it/ What is it used for? Examples. If student internalized just that information, that would make me happy. I would like a copy of your printables if you make them available.

diedra said...

I am using science notebooks in my second grade classroom. I love and appreciate your wonderful ideas. I hope you will share some of your simple graphic organizers. dc