Saturday, December 3, 2011

SS Notebooking: Geography

I finally got around to posting the pics from our Geography unit! We did this unit end of September/beginning of October so notebooking was (and is) still new to me. I feel like I've learned so much about notebooking and how it connects with lessons since this unit and I definitely would change some things if I could reteach this. That being said, I am still so proud of the amazing work the students did! Enjoy!

Below is the unit table of contents page and our vocabulary sheet. We have this at the beginning of every unit. After we learn a new vocabulary word, we find the definition, record the word, and draw a brian picture to help us remember the definition. I keep my vocabulary list on the white board in the classroom. I will ask students to think of a picture that we can draw to help us remember the definition of the word. They have become really good and this and start thinking of a definition as soon as I introduce a new word. After getting student response I tell them to draw whatever picture will help them remember and on the board I draw the picture that I think is most meaningful, fully aware that many students will wait and draw whatever I do. However, since practicing this routine from the beginning of the year I have noticed students feel more confident in their ideas and do not mimic my pictures as much.
 Left: cardinal/intermediate direction notes
Right: Compass Rose
 Left: Hemisphere Sheet
Right: Continent Notes
 World Map labeled and colored
 Ocean Notes
 Cut and paste continent activity 
 Left: Passport review booklet
Right: Grid Map notes and student-created example
 Inside the Passport

 Dream Bedroom Grid Map and Key
I would love to hear any ideas or suggestions!


Elizabeth said...

I love these! I might try to do notebooks with my class as well once we start geography after seeing your inspiring pictures! Do you have them use glue sticks or do they use tape to put things in with?
Thanks for sharing!
- Elizabeth

A Teacher's Treasure said...

Love the notebook! Kids love interactive notebooks!

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