Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Reading Ten Pin Party

I am so excited to be joining Ashley from Just Reed for her Ten Pin linky party. I just love sharing my amazing Pinterest pins and this week the theme is reading.
Here's what I've found (click on the pictures to go to the links):

1. This guided reading anecdotal notes form is my new favorite thing.Well, at least as far as school pins go anyway. I always have a terrible time keeping track of all of my anecdotal notes throughout the year. I am always thinking of a new, better, easier, faster way to note student progress which leads to me changing recording methods at least 4-5 times throughout the year. This year I'm using this one sheet all-year, or at the very least, I'm planning to use this sheet all year. I will write the week each skill was taught after the skill and I will check it off and put the date by the checkbox when the student masters the skill. I plan on taking more detailed notes on the back of the sheet and adding pages for that as I need them.Voila! Notes and data tracking all in one.
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2. This pin has ideas for interactive reader's notebooks, which I think is an awesome idea.
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3.This is a pin for a site called Readworks. This site really does have a lot of amazing resources and lessons.
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4. How awesome would a reading fair be? I'm totally not a teacher who's into projects, but I feel an extra credit activity coming on!
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5. Glued-in prompts for writing journals or reading notebooks based on mentor texts and 6-trait writing lessons
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6. Literacy work stations task cards- these would be nice to switch things up during Daily 5
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7. I really like this centers board! I usually put a schedule up during Daily 5 and Math Workshop on my Promethean board, but when my board is not working for some random reason, it makes switching centers a hassle.
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8. I love the idea of a book series alphabet. Maybe I could stick post-its or stars under each letter as a student reads one of the books in the series. My students would be motivated to read all of the books highlighted to get their name on the wall and for bragging rights. Maybe I could even have an end of year party for the students that read one book from each of the series?
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9. I used this stoplight questioning with my students this year and they became pros at it! I was attracted to it because it was a simpler version or QAR for my third graders. This strategy really helped students with test taking. They were able to identify the question as green, yellow, or red and then know if they could look back at the text for the answer or if the answer was going to come from their brain.
Teaching Questioning to Improve Comprehension

10. I also used these stop and jot strategies this year, although not as consistently as I would have liked. Students were definitely able to write better summaries when they stopped and jotted things down while reading.
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I hope you found some new ideas! Stop by and join the party!


Kim @ Mrs. Hs Resource Room said...

I love so many of your pins! The book series alphabet?! So cool! Following you on Pinterest and Bloglovin!


KaSandra said...

I love the 3 kinds of questions poster. This would have been an awesome resource when I taught sixth grade.

Stephanie said...

Love the anecdotal records, task cards, and especially the reading alphabet idea. You have great posts, thanks so much for sharing. Happy to be a new follower.


Paul Smith said...

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