Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Window Shopping

I can officially say that I have not yet bought anything for next year! I am very proud of myself. However, the main reason I have not been shopping up a storm is not because of my self-control, but because I am still trying to figure out the colors, themes, and procedures I want to use. However, I have been keeping my eyes open. Here are some of the goodies I have found around town.

 The pictures below are from Big Lots. They have a lot of containers and bins for good prices as part of their sale for college kids. Just look at all the colors at different types!
 They also had these fabric hanging file holders in both blue and purple. I am thinking I will probably go back and get these.

 All of the items below were found at Michaels. I really like the cardstock already cut into circles. This would definitely save a lot of time on any type of craft or display.
Then, I stumbled upon an even greater find, in my opinion, paper pennants! Yes! I have been watching as people all over blog land and Pinterest have been creating beautiful pennant banners for their classrooms. However, fabric or paper, I was just a little too lazy to take on the challenge. But now...there will probably be a pennant banner hanging in my classroom this year.

Michaels also had this jewelry organizer that I thought would be cute to use as a pocket chart of some sort.

All of the bins below were found at Michaels. I remember reading on someone's blog a while ago that they were looking for these but they couldn't find them. I wouldn't buy them from Michaels because I believe they were $3.50 or $3.99, you can get them at Target for $2.50 in the dollar spot right now.
 The two white packages right above the second stack of green bins above (and pictured below) are labels! Now, I did think this was pretty cool. They have clear, adhesive pockets to hold labels for the book bins and paper trays. I already have book bins (class set bought by my school) and paper trays (one of each color I bought from Target for $2.50 each last summer) like the ones pictured above, but how cool would it be to have clear pockets to insert labels. Last year I stuck sticker labels to my student's book bins and it took a while to scrub them off at the end of the year.

Stay tuned for my actual purchases as we get closer to the school year.
Happy Summer Shopping!


Tracey said...

I use those label holders for tons of things. I needed new ones, since I am moving schools. Looks like I'm off to Michaels! Thanks!!

Erin said...

Buy extra plastic sleeves - they work well, but busy fingers like to rip them (said Ms. Experience). I use them for areas in which I frequently change the labels. I spent a lot of time scrubbing the stubborn adhesive from these ripped sleeves off my bins and furniture after learning how tempting they were to my students! I should mention that was the year that I had a particularly unruly kindergarten class - sigh.

BTW, for my plastic bins (like you showed), I've found that the name tag stickers that have a kind of "metallic sparkle" peel off easily because they don't have a paper backing.

Adrienne said...

Thanks for the tips! That is definitely good to know! :)

mjfavre said...

Ack! I need to get to Big Lots stat. Those baskets go with my room perfectly!

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Caroline said...

Thanks for sharing! I saw the bins in big lots and almost bought some for my classroom too. I'm going to get some of those labels from Michaels too!