Friday, April 6, 2012

Multiplication Game FREEBIE

I have been using a math workshop model in my class for a while now and you could not get me to go back! I love being able to work with students in small groups while the other children are busy and engaged at other learning centers. One of the biggest struggles for me was planning for math workshop. Finding enough games for all the different units was easy at first, but became more of a challenge as time went by. For each game I needed to introduce it whole group, model how to play it, and then observe and help the students as they played it the first couple of times. This ended up taking a lot of time for each game.

Then I had a light bulb idea, keep the game the same and switch out the content!

I brought in some old board games from home and ones that I purchased for $2.00 a piece at the thrift store (Candy Land, Monopoly, etc.) and got busy teaching my students a new game. All the students need to play is the board, player pieces, and dice (everything else I removed from the box so the kiddos wouldn't be tempted). The students simply roll the dice, answer a game card question, and advance if they get it right.

The students LOVE using the game boards to play with the math game cards I have created. We have found many other fun ways to use the cards as well, but this is by far the favorite. Below I attached 8 multiplication game cards FREE for you to download. I will be uploading more to my TpT and Teacher's Notebook stores soon.

Download the Game Cards for FREE at my TpT shop or my Teacher's Notebook Shop!


Christi at Ms. Fultz's Corner said...

Great idea! My kiddos always churn through the math games quicker than I can make them. I'm going to give this way a try. Your cards are really cute too.

I'm your newest follower,
Christi ツ
Ms. Fultz’s Corner

Andrea McEvoy said...

I love this idea of keeping the game board the same and just change the content! I use a guided math model/workshop and this would work perfectly! Thanks for sharing!

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