Friday, July 8, 2011

This is what I'm working with (classroom photos)

Today I had to go up to my school to pick up some books and I took a peek inside of my future room to find utter choas!!! ...and some goodies. It was a bit overwhelming because I found out we won't be able to get into our classrooms until August 15 due to the roof repair falling behind schedule. Things wouldn't be so bad if I was tasked with setting up and empty classroom, but my classroom is already full and I haven't even brought in any of my materials yet!

I realize there might be a bit of back story needed to fully understand my situation:
I completed my graduate student teaching at my school, in 3rd grade, from August-December of 2010. The principal is amazing and wanted to keep me around so she hired me as a permanent substitute from January-June 2011. While I was subbing she hired me to teach for the upcoming school year! Yay! Things worked out in a wonderful way and it turns out that I will be taking the spot of my mentor teacher (who will be moving to a different school) and I will move into the classroom where I did my student teaching, teaching 3rd grade. Because my mentor teacher was so great, she left me a lot of things to help me get my school year started including books, pocket charts, student supplies, posters, teacher office supplies, storage bins and tubs, games, construction paper, etc. (You can read more about all of the goodness she left in this post).

Below are pictures of what I encountered today:
YAY!!!!! I was so happy when I saw this! I am officially official!

A bookshelf already full of books is a great thing! Although I still have a lot of books to bring in.

If my mentor teacher wouldn't have left me construction paper I would have had to buy it with my alotted money! I'm VERY happy about this!
Froggy Games & Reading Rods
Some other language games, many of which have not yet been opened!
All of the pencils, expo markers, post-its etc. that my mentor teacher left for me.
Class sets of clipboards (many which were not used) and 40+ whiteboards.
My math manipulative cabinet already filled with manipulatives (although I will definitely have to sort and reorganize). P.S. This cabinet does have doors that close so the tubs are not exposed.
The 4 tablets of jumbo chart paper that was left, I also have 7 medium sized tablets of chart paper.
The 3rd grade hallway!
The wardrobe filled with goodies! The hanging clothes protector has pocket charts and posters inside.
30+ book bins
My amazing easel with 2 dry erase sides and four storage tubs!
Some of the math manipulative goodies.


Hadar said...

That's awesome!! My first year teaching last year, I moved into a room and the teacher left all of her stuff too. It was frustrating having to clean out all of her stuff, but it was nice to gain a lot of new things I didn't have to spend money! Have fun setting it up when you finally can! :)

Miss Kindergarten

Stacey said...

What a great way to start off! We have three first year teachers joining our 5th grade team this year. They are so enthusiastic and dying to buy things. The first year is so expensive!

Pat's Paper Passion said...

...index cards, curtains, notebooks with dividers, websites that cost $, colorful pens, fancy magazine boxes for sorting different class work, wire baskets for handing in assignments ( I use cheap placemats underneath for color & dust control, fancy clips instead of paperclips, fancy folders-there are so many cute ones nowadays... and the list goes on...good luck and have fun.

A Time to Share & Create

Mrs. Hawk said...

wow such great goodies already waiting for you. I am a little jealous of the 30 book bins and all those clipboards (I would want to alter them and decorate them)

<3Mrs. Hawk