Sunday, July 17, 2011

My 100th post about the 100th day of school

I decided to attach two freebies for my 100 days of school linky party post.
The first is a project sheet that explains the 100 day poster project. For the project each student brings in a poster board with 100 items of their choice attached to it. This is typically a project that K and 1st do in my school so to make it 3rd-grade level I am including a three paragraph essay that students will present along with their poster. Items that students generally choose include fruit loops, pennies, cotton balls, beads, stickers, etc., anything small that could be glued to a poster.
Click HERE to download
The second is a math activity, How Many to 100? The students must try to think of as many math equations as they can to equal 100.
Click HERE to download

Congratulations to TBA on 100 days! Head over to link up and share your 100th day activities.

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