Friday, July 15, 2011

Freebie Friday: Teacher Organizer Sheets-Post-its

So I can't remember which amazing blog I read this idea on, but basically you slide a piece of paper in a plastic sheet protector and then you can stick and un-stick post-its as needed. I thought this was a great idea because I could make one to-do sheet and just keep updating it. I also made an ideas sheet and a notes sheet for the same purpose.
I plan on putting these three sheets in sleeve protectors in my Teacher Binder and then just using the post-its to keep it current. I tend to make lists like a mad person so being able to add and subtract ideas easily will definitely keep my binder more organized. I have attached color and black/white copies below. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download.

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Tina said...

Cute idea!

Cyndy said...

Love this idea! Very cute and thanks for sharing the downloads!
Counting with Coffee

Tracey said...

I've been super busy and out of the blogging loop the last few days...and your blog was the 2nd I checked...just behind mine! <3 And I was greeted with this great freebie! I just love Wiggins World!

シ Tracey
Our Cool School

Sapphire Dawn said...

The sheet protectors are a great idea. I use them often as well. When I am grading with rubrics (that the kids don't need), I put it in the sleeve protector and use a dry erase marker to check off the area they earned. I just quickly erase and then move to the next one.

Thanks for the awesome ideas.