Thursday, June 16, 2011

Behavior Management for Next Year

I have kicked around a couple ideas to help manage classroom behavior next year and I think I have finally settled on one. I attached below a copy of a communication card I created. Whenever a student does something they are not supposed to do (there is a letter code at the bottom) I cross off a point and write the letter of the code they broke. These go home every night to be signed by the parent (their weekly HW calendar will be copied on the reverse side) so come report cards no parents will be puzzled as to their child's behavior report.

At the end of the week I will have the students total their remaining points and keep a log adding their points from each week. Students will be able to save and buy items with their points. I'm not sure yet but I think point rewards may be a piece of candy, which could be bought with one week's worth of points, and then larger items that students would have to save their points for such as lunch bunch in the classroom, extra recess, picking their seat for the day, selecting the class read-aloud book, etc.

I would love to hear any comments or suggestions you may have about this program. This was not completely my idea, I borrowed heavily from the amazing teachers in the upper grades at my school.

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Beth said...

We use this type of system but on an easier scale. We call it an Oops Note. It has a spot for us to write down the color (orange and red) for the day. It is a chart that describes basic reasons that child would move a card during the day. We check the items that pertain to that child. We have an option for referral, parent conference requested place to check as well. There is a place for notes to go into further detail or parents respond back to us. We have parents sign it and we keep it. It can be a way for us to track behavior/types etc in case we need to talk to our staffing team.