Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Important Book: Fun End of Year Review Activity & Freebie

Hello All! I've created a fun end of the year review activity to help students prepare for the SOL tests (SOL-standards of learning are the big tests students must take in Virginia). I plan on reading the important book to the students and then reviewing the structure she uses to talk about each item (included below is a template). I will give students a list of important science and social studies terms and vocabulary words they learned throughout the year to create pages on. They love to illustrate and turn things into books so I know they will fiind this activity fun while reviewing the content they've learned all year.

By clicking on the link below you can download the template, examples, and book covers from my account. Enjoy!
Important Book


mrs.tabb said...

i <3 the important book!!! =)

mrs tabb

Julie said...

I love this book! I just stumbled upon it this year!! Thanks for the download!

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Ashleigh said...

I've got to check this book out. I've heard about it, but I haven't read it yet.