Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I'm Back and I've brought pictures!

So I am back from my hiatus and I am bearing pictures of my classroom. Today was our first day of school and things went amazingly well! I am too tired for a long post so I will just get straight to the pictures.

                                                                   my classroom door
my front wall with my daily board on one side of the promethean and my math board on the other
 quality life skill & guidelines posters
 corner of my library
 FACE bulletin board
 the multi-color tubs will be used for our classroom book return while the blue cubes will be used to store our math games
 library (under the chalk board)
 library chalkboard and my chapter book rack that I inheirited & think is amazing!
 my picture books
 school picture books are on the wooden shelf, picture books by series are in the white cubed cubbies, and the spinning rack has all fiction ch. books
 white board that i will most likely use for science/social studies
 math board
 my daily board that has our schedule, calendar, objectives by subject, and lunch choices

 reading table set up for supplies
 8 smarts posters & data wall
 my messy desk that is actually looking a lot better now
my handsome husband sharpening pencils for the first day of school :)

inside some of my cabinets

I will be back later with more pictures from the first week! Enjoy!


Classroom Ringmaster said...

I'd really like to know what is on your data wall...thanks!

IamNan said...

Great looking room. Teacher's husbands are great people!

Hadar said...

Cuteness!! I hope you had a great first day :)

Miss Kindergarten

Mrs. Hawk said...

the room looks fabulous and I lol'd with the hubby sharpening pencils.

Elizabeth said...

What a beautiful classroom! I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award! :)

- Elizabeth