Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Official....Pinterest is Amazing!

I honestly have to thank Randi at Teach it With Class for sending me an invite to Pinterest. The title of her post was "Consider Yourself Warned" and I definitely did not. Well, I finally signed up and got started with Pinterest today and I am enthralled! It is so much fun! If you are like me and think that everyone is just being a bit dramatic about how great Pinterest really is then you are mistaken. You will enjoy it so much once you start. Plus, it's just fun looking at all of the cute, crafty, colorful pictures.

Head over to The Teacher's Lane to view her Pinterest Linky Party and visit different teacher's boards.

Below are links to my boards. Enjoy!


Nancy Wilson said...

I saw you repinned some of my pins, and now I just repinned some of yours! I can't wait to go through all the other boards on the linky party!!! :)
Thanks, Nancy

The Apple Basket Teacher

Barbara Gruener said...

I've just gotten detox for my FONT addiction and now this? I can't keep up!

Posted a contest for a free signed book your third graders would LOVE, so swing by!


Stacy said...

PLEASE!!!!!!!! Send me an invite :) Thank u!!!

Adrienne said...

Stacy if you send me your email I would love to send you an invite!