Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wonderful Dollar Tree Finds!

The Dollar Tree is seriously one of my favorite places to shop. Not only is everything $1 but they have amazing teacher items and awesome sweet tea! Below are some of the items I picked up from the Dollar Tree today.
Fun nameplates, Pencil cut-outs (which I plan to use for my interactive writing bulletin board next year), third grade word wall words (yes, they do have word wall words for grades K-3), pop-out star card pockets, and
a multi-color jumbo tablet. I always try to convince myself that I should wait to buy items from the dollar tree because all of these items I won't need until next year, however, I have found that the dollar tree only carries certain items for a limited amount of time. It's not even fair how much better the Dollar Tree is than other dollar stores. Anyway I just wanted to share my finds with you, I am pretty excited!


Ring Master said...

I also love the dollar tree...they recently opened a gigantic one close to me and I've been haunting it every since...I've got a blog post scheduled in a few days about it...hope you can check it out. I do get a little embarrassed when I look at my checking account and realize how much I spent at the DOLLAR TREE!!! sheesh!

froggycupcakes said...

They always have the seasonal classroom stuff I need, containers, AND stickers! I love that place!

Mrs. Roper said...

Love that Jumbo tablet, gonna have to go get one (or some) for myself :-)

Tonya said...

LOVE the Dollar Tree! I am headed there tomorrow. :-) (btw, new follower to your blog)

Kristen said...

How lame is it that I'm freaking out over that multi-colored chart paper?!? We need to use charts next year for our new Reader's Workshop program and I was hoping to find something a bit prettier than the basic chart. I'm going tomorrow. I would go now if it wasn't 10PM! Thanks so much and thanks for linking up!
Kristen :)

Karen said...

SHHH... there is a dollar tree 2 blocks from my house. I stop by all the time!! I LOVE their things. I need to make my weekly trip. I don't know if you have thought about your word wall words but I cut mine down. There was too much around the word for my little ones to focus on, not to mention that wall space is limited!

Karen @ a little kinder told me so!