Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why is Target so great? ...Linky Party

I know I've already linked up with Ladybug's Teacher Files for her Classroom Shopping Linky Party (you can see my first entry HERE). But, I just got back from Target so I now have more goodness to post. I try not to look for classroom items everytime I go out or buy up every thing in the store when there are great classroom things, but the temptation can be too much. You see, I live only a short 5 minute drive from Target, Wal-Mart, and the Dollar Tree so I can't avoid them even when I try. Oh well, here are the wonderful things I found on my quick 10 min. 1 hour trip to Target today (I also added some pictures of items that I previously bought just to share) :

So I got another pocket chart (I now have a couple red, blue, and green ones from Target). I got animal action and sound cards to use for verbs, or animal adaptations, or as story starters- I don't exactly know yet. I also got sentence strip dry erase boards!!! I am very excted about them because they are too cute. Each package has 4 sentence strip boards in it. I plan to put them at my word work station. I also picked up 2 boxes of Time Bingo. There are a lot of different types of clocks on the bingo boards so it will definitely help my students who struggle with telling time.
I could only find 1 of these money dry erase work mats but I plan on hitting up the Target next to my school on Friday when I swing by. Oh and how great are the money flashcards! I am very excited to teach money this year, there are so many un activities that can be done. 

How cute is this jumbo "smart" cookie jar. The cookies are preforated and pop-out easily.

I really like this door poster. The crayons are preforated like the cookies and the pop-out as well.

I actually got packs of these blank cardboard faces for like 75 cents in the clearance section of Michaels (also only 5 minutes from me). I plan on having the students decorate them and then hanging them around our "FACE of a Reader" bulletin board. I chose to use FACE instead of CAFE because I think it is a little cuter. 

I am enjoy seeing all of your purchases in the Linky Party. If you haven't linked up yet- be sure to!


csturch said...

I adore the faces you got at Michael's! What a cute idea for your FACE bulletin board. I can imagine so many other uses too! All of the cute stuff from Target is driving me CrAzY! I don't live anywhere close to a Target and it will be a few days before I can get to one! Ack!


luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

I sooooooooo forgot about Michaels $ spot ....Adding it to my lists of places to go :) Here's hoping that my Target has all these good deals by the time I get there :)

Classroom Ringmaster said... many people are getting great things in their dollar spot!! I'm jealous...we've not gotten any teacher stuff!

Kristen said...

Nice, you got a ton of great items! I am very jealous about the green pocket charts. Our Target only has red and blue each year. I'm still hoping this year will be different. Thanks for linking up!
Kristen :)

Mrs. Shepherd said...

Awesome finds! I've been to Target and got some great items too but haven't seen the money cards I'm gonna have check back for those. I'm a new follower of your blog and would love for you to follow mine at

Mrs. Shepherd

Mrs.Voss said...

We bought so much of the same things! They didnt have any of it back home in Nashville, TN. But here in Florida (while vacationing) I found it all! I spent 85 bucks in there and never got further than the dollar spot at Target! Going back for more, too. I don't think they had it all out! LOL