Sunday, May 29, 2011

Summer To Do List Linky Party!!!

Littlest Learners is having a fun Summer to-do list linky party! Not only do I love linky parties but I love the topic of this one because reading how other teachers are preparing this summer has given me some great ideas! So here is my summer list:

1. Classroom Library: Reorganize my classroom library and remove the books that I will use to teach with. Create or find cute library labels for my book bins!

2. Room Layout: I plan on doodling many different layouts to find one that allows furniture to be clear of high traffic areas, at least 4 carpet meeting spots for buddy reading and groups to meet, and a big class meeting area. My classroom is one of the smaller ones in the school so I think I will combine the group meeting area with our classroom library.

3. Book Sales: I plan on hitting up all the book sales I can find to get books that will excite my students and encourage them to read.

4. Organize SOL binders: I read on one fabulous teaching blog (I can't remember which one) that the teacher organizes her resources and activities in binders by standard or objective. I think this is a GREAT idea! So, this summer I will buy binders for each subject, split them by Virginia's standards and begin to holepunch and organize my resources.

5. Postcards: Later in summer I will send postcards to each of my students introducing myself and telling them how excited I am for their arrival. I will also send a letter to parents doing the same.

6. Re-read Wong & Wong: Before school begins I plan on re-reading Wongs & Wong's The First Days of School. This book is great and I know it will help get me focused and start the year right!

7. Hubby Time: Since I am still a newly wed (3 months!!!) I plan on spending a lot of time with my hubby this summer going on trips and just hanging out in town. Some of our best friends just got married two weeks ago so I anticipate some couples trips as well. I can't wait!
Adrienne Wiggins

I also plan to use the summer to get the first couple of weeks planned out as best I can so that I won't be too overwhelmed come teacher work week and the first weeks of school. Enjoy!

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