Saturday, April 30, 2011

Techno Time: Storing files online

So I know most of you have heard of, a website that allows you to save files from your computer to the internet so that you can access it from any computer (eliminates the need to carry around flash drives). Well, I recently found a couple of other sites that allow you to do the same thing. While I love this idea, I don't love it enough to pay for a subscription and dropbox only allows you to have 2GB of storage space for free. So...I decided to supplement this space with space from other websites that do the same thing. Below are the websites I found and the amount of space they offer for FREE: 2GB 5 GB 5 GB

I hope this helps all the other frugal people out there! The only trick is remembering what files you saved where. Enjoy! 

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mrs.tabb said...

wow! i've never heard of any of this!!!
thanks!!! =)