Friday, April 22, 2011

Techno Time: Library Social Catalouging

I know that most people have heard of shelfari, a website where you can catalog the books you've read and plan to read and share with others, but I prefer gurulib. Since I am a first year teacher I am still building my classroom library. I don't really use gurulib to share what I'm reading with others, but as a card catalog for my classroom. Everytime I get new books for my class I add them to my gurulib library. The website for my library is pulled up on a class computer and students can look to see what books I have. The library is sorted by topic, author, and series so it is easy for the students to use. It is also helpful for me to be able to see what books I have.

THIS is the link to my gurulib library for you to look at.

Oh and did I mention that gurulib allows you to print out your list of books on Excel. So... I can print them off and put them in a binder for my students to use as a reference in the library. It helps having my gurulib library sorted in the same categories as my classroom library books. The primary reason I use gurulib is for my benefit, so I can keep track of my books. But, it is nice for my students to be able to use too! Enjoy!

P.S. Did I mention that I recently stumbled across The Village Thrift Store in my town. It is AMAZING! 6 children's book for $2.90! I got 30 books for $15. These were not raggedy old books either but picture and chapter books in GREAT condition! I suggest you stop by your local thrift store if you have'nt looked into yet.


luv2teachmath said...

OMG! You just rocked my world! I had no idea this was out there. I can't wait to go to school tomorrow, play librarian, and scan some of my books in!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
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Susan said...

I love this idea! I plan on sharing your blog post and idea on my blog sometime soon. Thanks for posting!
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