Saturday, April 23, 2011

Newsletter Linky Party

The Brand New Pencil is hosting a linky party to see what other teachers are using for newletters. I don't use a newsletter, per se. My grade level does homework packets instead of nightly homework. On Monday we send each student home with a packet including all of the homework for that week. The students return the packet completed on Friday. This seems to work because students can do more or less work a night depending on if they have a busy schedule on a certain night (this definitely cuts down on HW not being turned in). Anyway, attached to the front of the homework packet is a grid telling the students what homework to do on each night. Above the grid is sort of my weekly newsletter. I use this space to inform parents of important dates, whats going on in the classroom, etc. Below is a copy of this HW sheet.


However, when I was in college I had to create two sample newsletters that I would send home with students. The first is science and the second is math. These newletters are curriculum based and are designed to be sent home either at the beginning of the school year or quarterly. Enjoy!


Sci Newsletter


Math Newsletter

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