Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day Linky Party

I LOVE picture books and I believe that they can often cause students to think more about what they are reading then some chapter books. More specifically, I LOVE Dr. Suess books! Not really Green Eggs & Ham or Hop on Pop but the later ones like Oh! The Places You'll Go! and You're Only Old Once! I love the simplex/complex way Dr. Suess writes and I love reading his stories a loud with my over-the-top corny voices! Any who know that with Earth Day approaching there is no book that I would want to use more than The Lorax! What. A. Book.
  • I plan on reading this book aloud to my students, stopping to discuss what is happening to make sure they are comprehending Dr. Suess' lingo. 
  • Afterwards we will discuss what they thought of the book and how it relates to us. 
  • The students will fold a piece of construction paper into 4 squares and make a beginning, middle, and end story board. They will draw pictures of main events and write sentences about their pictures. (This will show that the students understand that cutting down the Tuffula Trees is what caused the harm.)
  • In the 4th box the students will write about how we can stop that from happening to us.
  • The students will share their projects with the class.
  • As a class we will plant a tree outside and/or plant individual flowers.
I hope this helps someone! I liked reading all the other Earth Day ideas over at Teaching Happily Ever After's Linky Party. Enjoy!

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